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Digital Literacy Skills to Utilize Digital Technology

With the help of internet technology, people can quickly and easily obtain and disseminate information. However, it is important for internet users, especially those who use social media platforms, to have strong digital literacy. This is crucial to help them avoid the negative consequences that may occur when they use the internet

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) plays an active role in increasing public knowledge about digital literacy. To promote knowledge, they collaborated with the Digital Literacy Activist Network (Japelidi) and the Siberkreasi Digital Literacy National Movement to hold a webinar entitled "Competitive Campus Citizens in the Digital Age" on Tuesday (12/10/2021). One of the speakers in this webinar was Localin Co-Founder Muhammad Bima Januri and Denik Iswardani Witarti, a Master of Communication Science lecturer at Budi Luhur University.

Indonesian Education Ambassador Dr. Endy Agustian, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Budi Luhur University Dr. Rusdiyanta, lecturer of FISIP Gadjah Mada University and Japelidi member Novi Kurnia.

Rusdiyanta emphasized in his presentation that digital literacy brings many innovations that improve people's competencies. Social position, income, welfare and advancement are enhanced by this expertise. Therefore, we are witnessing the emergence of the industrial revolution 4.0 era, where high-quality and competitive human resources are crucial.
As the keynote speaker, Endy emphasized the importance of maintaining safety when using digital media, despite its many benefits. He emphasized that users should have digital literacy that not only read but also analyze the information they encounter, so that they can make wise decisions about what they see.

Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and share their opinions in this webinar. Mahardika was one of the participants who asked about how to teach children to use electronic devices with discipline and how the digital world can affect children. To answer this question, Bima proposed that parents should understand the adverse effects of the digital world and hoaxes. By teaching children about the difference between the real world and the digital world, they can improve their understanding. To keep their smartphones safe, accompany children while they learn and consider using family relationships on their smartphones. The Ministry of Communication and Information held this webinar for people who want to learn more about digital literacy.

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